IRON HORSE 100% WHEAT GERM OIL: A natural source of vitamin E, fortified with vitamins A &D. Our all natural oil supplement can benefit all types of animals. It is 100% pure, not a blend of cheap refined oils and has no artificial preservatives. Small doses of Iron Horse 100% Wheat Germ Oil promotes health skin and lustrous coat as well as breeding efficiency, performance and first rate show ring appearance. It comes in quarts and gallons. The rate depends on the size and type of animal and whether it has fur or feathers.

Y LP LINIMENT: This liniment is a proven topical application for conditions where inflammation, heat, and swelling are problems. It's action is to penetrate traumatized and injured soft tissue to allow for quicker healing by increasing blood flow. Y L P is a counter irritant used to reduce swelling and heat due to injuries and strain. Examples of application are; swollen hocks, strained ligaments, stretched tendons, bruises and bumps with no broken skin. Comes in a dispensable pint container.

CROWFOOT OIL: (Hoof conditioner and wound dressing) A blend of natural oils with vitamins A, D & E to be used externally on horses and livestock to maintain and promote healthy hoof growth. As a dressing,Crowfoot Oil may be applied directly onto cuts and abrasions, boot and harness rubs, and wounds as a healing aid. Crowfoot Oil comes in a quart bottle and is applied with a brush or clothe.
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